Mediterranean Landscape Of Unique Beauty

Crete is a unique place, where you can find every characteristic feature of the Mediterranean landscape.

Beautiful beaches covered with several kinds of material – sand, small or big rocks – hidden bays, breathtaking landscapes and crystal clear waters, are challenging you enjoy them from the dawn till the set of the sun.

Endless pathways, routes through canyons with fresh water and rare herbs and flowers, hills and mountaintops that are challenging you to go through them with every mean available, grapevines, age-long olive groves and unique forests compose the natural beauty of the Cretan Landscape.

In this area you can also find the protected by UNESCO islands of Koufonisi, with the ancient roman theater and Gaidouronisi or Chrissi with its exotic beauty.

Picturesque villages, monasteries and churches are here to make welcome every visitor of the area and to share the famous Cretan Hospitality.

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