Virgin Mary’s Celebrations

Every year all over Crete we celebrate Assumption of Mary on 15th of August. It is a tradition to visit Churches & Monasteries that are devoted to “Panagia”, having as incentive to fulfil a “Tama” or to ask for Her Favour to accompany us in everyday’s matters.

Part of these celebrations are local fests – Panigiria!

Almost every night from 1st until 15th of August you may find a local fest devoted to Panagia’s Celebrations: Their features are:

  • Local Cretan Music is presented
  • The entrance fee includes local food and sometimes raki & krasi
  • It is an opportunity to get familiar with the locals
  • You can learn how to dance without feeling ashamed.
  • Last but not least you come accross with cretan culture and living habits!
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